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Third Month Income Report – June 2019

June felt like another huge month for me, both personally and blogging wise. Firstly, the personal stuff? I had another baby!! Our beautiful baby girl came into the world at the end of the month after she thoughtfully gave me almost the whole of June to keep working on the blog!

Blogging wise, I really feel like I kicked some goals, got organised and even learnt a few things along the way. I’ve had some exciting developments this month so read on to follow my journey!

Oh, and by the way, you can read all of my previous income reports here to see my journey from the beginning!

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”

General/Background Info

Before I go into specific figures and goals etc here are a few quick points about the blog and the last month in general.

1. My monetisation strategy currently focuses on affiliate marketing combined with great SEO. This is where I put almost all of my effort! I do some social media and Pinterest but only if I have time. I haven’t been trying to monetise in any other way at all – no ads, no products, nothing! I want to get excellent at one thing at a time instead of spreading myself too thin!

2. Before giving birth I worked full time and had a toddler and my partner was away for 6 weeks. This means I have to be super productive with my time and I probably only have about 15 hours per week for blogging.

3. I have continued to be super happy that I switched to Siteground for hosting. Site speed has remained great and they were super helpful with some technical issues I was having this month!

4. I actually paid for a couple of courses in June and I’m trying to work through those. I have not included them in my expenses though as I am using them for a couple of sites, not just this one. Read my post on the best blogging courses and tools to find out more.

June Goals Review

This article has my full list of goals and strategies for June 2019 but below is a quick recap.

  • 1. 2000 page views – ACHIEVED!
  • 2. Publish 3 affiliate articles – ACHIEVED!
  • 3. Earn $10 affiliate income – ACHIEVED!
  • 4. 10 more relevant links published – ACHIEVED!
  • 5. DA of 20 – Not achieved 🙁

I hit most of my goals for the month, except improving my DA but there are a few factors there. Firstly, after a certain point increasing DA becomes much more difficult. Secondly, I was expecting a guest post on a high authority site to be published at the beginning of the month but it didn’t happen until a couple days ago.

I’ve also decided that I won’t even track DA here any longer. It’s not a figure used by Google directly and really is just an indication from a private company. I won’t be worrying about it too much anymore (I’ll obviously still carry on building links).


Page Views: 2339 (+ 904)

Users: 1343 (+ 812)

As you can see, I managed to far exceed my goal this month, here is a screenshot from my Google Analytics for June 2019.

The big peak in the middle was actually due to me changing site design and testing some things but I would have exceeded my goal even without that.

Want to see something even better?! The below screenshot is just my organic traffic since launching 3 months ago.

I am sooooo happy with this! Everyone told me it would be 6 months before I should hope to see any kind of increase in organic traffic. It’s still early days but it looks like the upward trend is going to carry on.

The best news yet? All of that organic traffic is going to my affiliate focused articles, three of which already rank on page one for their main keywords and others!

I’ll let you in on a secret…..I attribute ALL of that traffic and such early success with SEO to this particular course! Honestly, if you can only afford one blogging course – make it Build blog Freedom Fast Track by Sharon Gourlay!

Link Building

Links published in June: 10 (published to date 38)

Another 10 quality links published is something I’m very happy with. I started targeting quick and easy links, such as collaborative posts, roundups or link swapping, rather than guest posting which takes up too much of my limited time.

These quality links are another reason I’m guessing my organic traffic has increased. I try to be really cautious about which articles I will link from on my site, as well as which articles of mine will benefit the most from a link.

Affiliate Focused Articles

Articles published: 3

These articles take me a long time to write so this is a great achievement. I put a lot of time and effort into keyword research, as well as developing a detailed plan for each post, to ensure it is optimised for as many keywords as possible.

This month the first three affiliate focused articles I wrote hit page one on Google! For the last week I’ve been focusing on trying to optimise them as much as possible to push them further up the page.

There is a BIG difference, income wise, between position 7 or 8 on page one and position 1 or 2 on page one! So, it’s great news but it doesn’t mean I can sit back and relax.


Affiliate Sales: $26.80

This was all from Amazon sales from my affiliate articles. I’ve been getting tons of clicks through to Amazon BUT conversion rates are incredibly low. Unfortunately Amazon is not particularly well used or liked in Australia at the moment.

This month I will look into other affiliate networks and may experiment with different links to see if my conversion rates improve. Annoyingly, if I had this amount of clicks to Amazon and my traffic was mostly US based, I expect I may have earned even more this month.


  • Online Tools – $29.00

My monthly costs for Keyword research and photo editing tools went up this month. I do use those for other sites too, so I guess you could argue the sole cost shouldn’t be included. I’m not going to split hairs though.

Summary & Final Thoughts

Income: $26.80

Expenditure: $29.00

June 2019 Profit: – $2.20

So close to making an actual profit I can almost taste it! At one point I really thought I was going to do it this month!

Overall, I’m very happy with how June worked out. I’m hoping organic traffic keeps growing throughout July and that Pinterest traffic picks up too, now that I’ve been working on that a little.

I’ve decided I’m going to set myself some much bigger targets for July. It’s been great ticking off so many goals but I really want to push myself now and pick up the pace a little….watch this space!

July Goals

I normally have a whole post dedicated to my monthly goals and strategies. However, this month I’m playing the newborn card! I’m still setting myself goals but, in between labour, breastfeeding, poop explosions and everything else, I just don’t have time to do an in depth article.

Here is a quick breakdown of the goals I would like to achieve next month, as I said earlier I’m going to try and aim high this month!!

  • 1. Traffic – 5000 page views, 3000 users
  • 2. Link building – 20 published (aim for 10 of those to affiliate articles)
  • 3. Affiliate articles – 4 more published
  • 4. Income – $100

Wish me luck!!

6 thoughts on “Third Month Income Report – June 2019

  1. This is very inspirational and encouraging. Congratulations! I am on my 3rd month and need to focus more on SEO. I have attacked guestposting and Pinterest as well as written a high number of posts, but not seen the traffic that you have. Really good job!

  2. It’s so tough in the early days but with patience the rest will come – you’re going in the right direction!

  3. I knew it! I was waiting to hear you had bub <3 Glad to hear you are all safe and healthy. Congratulations mumma! I'm on my 3rd month of really giving the blog a real shot, but have had to reboot my theme due to the Pipdig debacle. Finally saved a lil to buy another theme. Content in on pause again so I can sort out my site…again. I enjoy watching your progress, it shows me that I can do this too, just need to keep at it. Enjoy your new lil bundle <3

  4. Keep it up 🙂 In my first year I earned barely anything. Now I am generating a full time income! Keep going and you will see results!!

  5. Such an interesting read, interesting to see your traffic after switching provider. My domain and hosting are up for renewal next month and I’m definitely looking to switch to either Siteground or Big Scoots.

    1. Definitely a good call – Siteground have been incredibly helpful to me. I was using their support chat today and again they were super quick and nothing was a hassle. I have heard great things about Big Scoots too though so let me know what you decide!

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