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Second Month Income Report – May 2019

A lot happened this month, in both my blogging life and personal life! Firstly, I turned 30!! Secondly my partner returned from a 6 week work trip that meant me being a single parent for a while. Being without him massively impacted the time I had to work on this site during May.

This month my next baby is due so I need to make a huge push to get some blogging goals ticked off early on. Luckily, my maternity leave, at my full time job, starts in 3 days so I’m hoping to concentrate on blogging a bit more!

Why publish Progress Reports

If you want a full breakdown of why I’m writing these reports, take a look at my last income report (which also happened to be my first ever one). None of my reasoning has changed and most of my points have been validated after publishing that first report.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”

General Blog Info

Before we get stuck into the numbers, just a few quick points about the blog and the last month.

1. My main monetisation strategy for the site is SEO coupled with affiliate marketing. I do a bit of social media, as you will see, but I don’t put heaps of effort in, like some do. I’m happy to wait until I’m out of the “Google sandbox” and start generating organic traffic.

2. I only have a minimal amount of time in the evenings and at weekends to work on the blog. I estimate that I dedicate about 15 hours a week to blogging at the minute.

3. Before I started this site I had another blog for about 2 months which I, very quickly, realised was not the right direction for me. So, technically, this wasn’t my first ever blog but before that I knew absolutely nothing about blogging.

4. On the last day of the month I transferred my hosting from Hostgator to Siteground and today I’ve noticed a huge increase in site speed. Great news because, I’ve heard, the new Google update favours sites with good mobile speed.

May Goals Review

If you want to take a look at my full goals and strategies for March, have a look at this post!

As you can see below, I reached almost all my goals this month and I’ll breakdown how below. Strangely, I met most of these goals with different strategies than I anticipated.

  1. 1000 page views – DONE
  2. 10 more relevant links published – DONE
  3. Increase DA to 15 – SO CLOSE YET SO FAR!!
  4. Publish 2 more affiliate articles – DONE
  5. Earn $1 affiliate income – DONE


Page Views: 1,435 Users: 531

I managed to go over and above my goal of 1,000 page views this month and I’m pretty happy with my traffic. The lower amount of users signifies that people are obviously clicking around, rather than just visiting and leaving again.

As I mentioned previously, I’m chasing organic traffic so I know it is a case of playing the long Google game. I did however start dabbling in Pinterest about halfway through this month. I’ve had very minor interaction so far though (up to 5 visits a day max).

I also submit my posts to Facebook share threads, very sporadically, but I’m doing this less and less because, in my opinion, it’s fake traffic that doesn’t benefit me much in the long run.

Link Building

Links Published During May: 16 DA:14

Other links submitted during May (not yet published): 8

I’m super proud of my efforts in this department during May. I built a lot of quality backlinks to my site and I have quite a few still waiting to be published.

Honestly, when I started this journey, I had no idea what backlinks were or why they are so important! I have to give full credit to this free e-mail link building challenge recommended to me by a friend. It taught me all about different links I could build and is the sole reason I have 28 links published in just 2 months!

I didn’t quite hit my DA goal for May but I know that the higher it gets, the harder it gets. It’s really not a major thing to track anyway. The only reason I check it is because some other bloggers are so focused on it when you want to build links, which is very annoying!

Affiliate Focused Articles

I managed to hit my goal and publish two more articles that are very affiliate marketing focused. I put a lot of effort into these articles to make sure I am recommending the best quality products. I also spend a lot of time doing detailed keyword research to try and rank for as many keywords as possible.

I track all of my main keywords and I can see that all of my affiliate focused articles are ranking within the top 100 for their main keywords. Three of the four articles are actually ranking within the top 50 with one already on page 3. For a 2 month old blog I am VERY happy with this!

As an extra point, I also added affiliate links to all of my other articles where applicable and added US affiliate links (I only had AUS links previously).


Affiliate Marketing


Wahoooooo!!! This exceeded my expectations by a mile. I was really pessimistic about even reaching my $1 target! Better yet, that figure isn’t from one sale but two and both came from organic google searches.

This is the only monetisation method I have at the minute. I keep threatening to sign up to Google Adsense but I’m still not sure how I feel about having ads on my site.


Last month I included my hosting fees but I have now changed hosts to Siteground (who are awesome by the way – so much faster). I already had the hosting paid for and I intend on using the account for a couple of sites. I’m just going to leave this figure out as it’s all paid up front anyway and it’s just too time consuming to breakdown.

Domain – $3.95

Online Tools – $23.90

Summary & Final Thoughts

Income – $8.51

Expenditure – $27.85

APRIL PROFIT = – $19.34

So, still a loss BUT my first official income has been earned and it’s only month two!!! I am incredibly happy with how May worked out. I had agreed with myself to give it, at least, 6 months before I expected to earn a single cent.

As I said last month, I am treating this as a legitimate business so to make a small loss in the first two months really isn’t that worrying to me. As long as I continue to see growth, no matter how small, I will be happy and remain patient for now.

I’m keeping my monthly goals posts separate for now, so make sure to check out my June goals here!

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  1. Thanks for the honesty. I was soo tired with the tited “how I made $5000 in my first month blogging” captions. Continue the hard work.

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