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Second Month Blogging Goals – May 2019

It’s May, 2019!! The month I turn 30 years old. On that day I will be 34 weeks pregnant and living in an isolated Australian community, with 7 permanent residents, that is 850km from the nearest town…..

Not exactly how I envisioned spending my 30th Birthday…..maybe I will just postpone it until next year.

Enough of that, let’s get stuck into blogging goals!

April 2019 Review

If you haven’t already checked it out, take a quick look at my first ever blog income report for last month.

A quick recap for those who did take a look. I basically concentrated on soft launching my site, getting starter content up and building a few links. I put no effort, what so ever, into promotion on social media, although I did secure my profiles for future use.

Unsurprisingly all page views were low and I made absolutely no money at all. Luckily though, I am a realist and this was all expected. This month, I intend to focus on a few specific things and hopefully drive some social media traffic to my affiliate posts.

Traffic Goals

Goal – 1000 page views

That goal is pretty big considering it’s about 4 times my first months page views. I like to aim high though, it makes me really push hard for something and motivates me a lot more!


  • Social media profiles – I have to be realistic with this as I don’t have a lot of spare time to add another thing to my plate. I will choose one social media profile to start using and one only. No spreading myself too thin, just concentrated effort in one area!
  • Facebook groups – I consider this as different to above as I don’t mean building my own profiles. I am a member of a number of facebook groups through my personal profile. They regularly post threads where you can put a link to a recent post, so I’ll make an effort to add to them. This is an easy one I can spend 10 minutes a day in my lunch break on.
  • Share with friends and family – I still haven’t done this and for some reason it seems like a big scary deal! I know how great my family and friends are though and I’m sure they would share my link around if I asked. Time to bite the bullet, get over myself and get this one done!

Affiliate Income & Seo Goals

Goal 1 – Publish two more affiliate focused articles

I feel like this is an achievable goal but my process for writing these articles is long and perfecting them is a little time consuming. I will really need to knuckle down to get two more published that I’m happy with, although I do already have the keyword research done.

Goal 2 – Earn $1 affiliate income

A bit of a pathetic sounding goal when I write it down but everybody has to start somewhere! One of my affiliate articles is already ranking in Google and getting a few organic searches which I’m incredibly happy about. Hopefully, with the added traffic i push to it from social media, it will earn me my first dollar!!!


  • Time management – To get the new articles published this month I will need to make the most of my time. No more scrolling through social media for half an hour before I start writing! I’m going to get serious about making myself a “to do” list every morning as well. It’s something i used to do that worked really well, hopefully it works for me again.
  • Build links to affiliate posts – I will be searching for some super relevant linking opportunities to specifically link to my affiliate posts this month. Hopefully that will make Google see them as more authoritative articles than the competition and rank them higher.

Link Building & DA Goals

Goal 1 – Have 10 more relevant links published

I actually considered pushing this to fifteen but decided that would be a bit unrealistic. I already have ten that I am waiting for people to publish but link building is tricky and, depending on the blog, you can be waiting months for a link to go live.

Goal 2 – Increase DA to 15 (currently 9)

I, honestly, have no idea what will happen with this. I know DA is not super important but I like to use it as a comparative tool against other blogs in my niche, so I’ll keep working on it. I jumped up 8 points in April but the higher it gets, the harder it gets to build.


  • Collaborative Posts – Last month I did four guest posts but they are just so time consuming! Collaborative posts only usually require 150 to 250 words plus a photo and I can usually complete one in 20 to 30 minutes. These are the link building opportunities I’ll concentrate on this month.
  • Build blogger relationships – I am pretty active in a few Facebook blogging groups but now it’s time to start looking for like minded bloggers. Connecting with Australian bloggers in a similar niche could definitely provide me with more linking opportunities in the future.

Goals Summary

  1. 1000 page views
  2. Publish 2 more affiliate articles
  3. Earn $1 affiliate income
  4. 10 more relevant links published
  5. Increase DA to 15

Bonus Goal

Apply to Google Adsense – This is something I am thinking of doing because I know it can be a quick, albeit small, income for new bloggers. However, I hate spammy looking sites with too many ads. I’ll be giving it some serious thought first!

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it! All my goals laid bare for everyone to see, I just hope I don’t look too foolish next month when I publish my second progress report.

Wish me luck and if you have any advice for me let me know in the comments below. I, quite literally, need all the help I can get on this journey!

Want to see if I met all my blogging goals for March?! Take a look at my second month income report to find out!

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2 thoughts on “Second Month Blogging Goals – May 2019

  1. Congrats on launching your blog and making your way into your second month. I am on my second month of blogging too. Love your goals and yes, a $1 affiliate income would be worth celebrating…lol. No doubt I will be doing the happy dance when I make my first affiliate sale. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Hi Sophie

    I like your goals as you seem like a ‘go getter’. Kudos to you Larv!

    I’ve just begun this blogging journey as well – I launched only 2 weeks ago. It’s definitely a different work-life style and I see that you are looking at connecting with other like minded Aussie bloggers in a similar niche.
    I believe that I might fit the bill so take a look at donjonjourneys I am a world traveller and am really looking forward more OS stuff but Australia isn’t out of the realm of my travel blogs as my first 5 blogs are of Australia.
    And as it so happens… I live on the Gold Coast so if you’re interested please let me know.

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