Income Reports

  • Fifth Month Income Report – August 2019
    What has August taught me? Procrastination is way too easy to slip into! Don’t get me wrong, I managed to reach some goals BUT it wasn’t through any crazy hard work on my part. Instead I mostly rode the wave of success from the previous months work. I’m trying not to be too hard on
  • Fourth Month Income Report – July 2019
    The number one thing I learnt this week? Blogging with a newborn and a toddler is really bloody hard! Not like I was expecting things to be easy and I’m lucky my toddler is amazing at independent play. Still it’s been a struggle to get things done as I would have liked. I’m soldiering on
  • Third Month Income Report – June 2019
    June felt like another huge month for me, both personally and blogging wise. Firstly, the personal stuff? I had another baby!! Our beautiful baby girl came into the world at the end of the month after she thoughtfully gave me almost the whole of June to keep working on the blog! Blogging wise, I really
  • Second Month Income Report – May 2019
    A lot happened this month, in both my blogging life and personal life! Firstly, I turned 30!! Secondly my partner returned from a 6 week work trip that meant me being a single parent for a while. Being without him massively impacted the time I had to work on this site during May. This month
  • First Ever Blog Income and Progress Report – April 2019
    It is officially May – what the hell?! How did that even happen? I turn 30 this month!!! Next month I will most likely give birth to my second baby…….. Ok I had to pause there for a second because I really scared myself! That sounds incredibly scary when said out loud, so let’s just