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Fourth Month Income Report – July 2019

The number one thing I learnt this week? Blogging with a newborn and a toddler is really bloody hard!

Not like I was expecting things to be easy and I’m lucky my toddler is amazing at independent play. Still it’s been a struggle to get things done as I would have liked. I’m soldiering on though and last month was still an exciting month for me, read on to find out why!

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out my other income reports to follow my journey from the beginning.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”

General/Background Info

  • Monetisation strategy is going to be solely affiliate income generated by organic traffic. i think it’s important to have a clear strategy from the beginning so you can be clear on which tasks work towards earning incoming and which don’t and can be left for later.
  • I began dabbling in Pinterest last month and, although I enjoy doing it, I realised it doesn’t align with my goals or bring in the right traffic for my site. I don’t want to chase traffic for the sake of traffic so I’ve decided to back off from Pinterest for now.
  • I thought I may have a bit more time to work on the site now I’m staying at home with the kids…..I was wrong!! If anything I have less time and I would estimate I get 10 hours per week max to work on it.

July Goals Review

Take a look at my income report for June to see my goals for the month and why I decided to really push myself and aimed so high.

  1. Traffic – 5000 Page Views, 3000 Users
  2. Link building – 20 Published (aim for 10 of those to affiliate articles)
  3. Affiliate articles – 4 more published
  4. Income – $100

As you will see below, I didn’t quite hit my traffic or link goals for the month but I was VERY close with both of them.

I’m not too concerned – I aimed high on purpose to try and push myself and I feel like that worked. I’m incredibly proud of how much work I’ve been able to achieve this month, with a newborn to look after as well.

Traffic (Goal 3000 Users, 5000 Page Views)

Users: 2814 (+1471)

Page Views: 4157 (+1818)

So, I didn’t quite reach my traffic goals last month but I wasn’t too far away. When I set that goal I thought I would miss by a long way and I planned on doing a lot of social media promotion to reach it. However, I didn’t get a chance to do any social at all, so that’s almost all organic traffic.

Google Analytics shows an upward trend and it seems to be continuing into the beginning of August. I have quite a few articles ranking in Google now but the majority of my traffic still comes through just two posts. I’m working hard on getting the others ranking as high too.

Link Building (Goal 20)

Links Published This Month: 17

Again, I didn’t quite reach my goal of 20 links published. I did participate in a lot of collaborative posts but I’m still waiting on quite a few to be published.

Nine of these links were to my affiliate focused articles, which is great. Hopefully, that will give them a little rankings boost.

I’ve been finding it a bit difficult to build links to those articles though. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a new site and people are wary about linking to me or if they are just such specific topics so it’s harder.

Affiliate Articles (Goal 4)

Affiliate Articles This Month: 4

This is a goal I did reach but, although I did publish all 4 articles, they’re at various stages of completion and most still need a bit of work.

These are all hefty articles that I put a lot of research and work into. So, to get them ageing with Google, I tend to write about half, have it looking complete and then publish. Once it’s sat there I’ll do all my research and come back to finish it off, add extra images and affiliate links etc

I was pretty happy to see one of these posts jumped to page 3 the day after being published and has been climbing steadily ever since. I’d be interested to know why this particular article ranked so quickly. An easy main keyword? Relevancy?

Income (Goal $100)

Affiliate Sales: $272.43

That’s right, this is one goal I managed to completely smash!

I honestly thought that trying to earn $100 last month was going to be a big reach so this has come as a very pleasant surprise. It’s exactly what I needed right now too. I know blogging is a long game but after working so hard for 4 months I was starting to lose motivation a bit.

There was one affiliate partner and product in particular which made up the bulk of this. I really hope to see more growth in August but at the same time I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much.


And that’s it! I was using Picmonkey for image editing and creating pins etc but I realised the free version of Canva actually has everything I need anyway!

If you haven’t heard of Keysearch, you’re seriously missing out. It’s an AMAZING tool for doing keyword research but also has tons of other great features. I cannot recommend it enough!


Income: $272.43

Expenditure: $11.90

July 2019 Profit: $260.53

YEY!!! My first official month of profit and to go from a loss to a few hundred dollars of profit in a month makes me a very happy blogger.

Sure, I’m not exactly going to be telling the hubby to quit his day job anytime soon but it’s so nice to see some serious improvements.

Again, I’m going to try and push myself next month so I’ll be setting some big targets.

August Goals

Here is a quick breakdown of the specific goals I’ve set myself for next month.

  1. Traffic – 5000 users, 6500 page views
  2. Link building – 15 published to affiliate articles
  3. Affiliate articles – 2 new and all current optimised
  4. Income – $500

I am going to slow down on content creation a little this month. This is so I can really put some effort into optimising the articles I already have.

I’ll concentrate on my articles which rank middle to bottom of page one in the hopes that I can give them a boost to the top 2 spots. Hopefully this will drastically increase my traffic.

Another thing I want to do this month is sit down and do some in depth goal planning and lay out a clear strategy. I want to make sure I am focusing my efforts in the right areas. I shouldn’t be putting any of my energy into tasks that aren’t directly leading to income (hence the reason I stopped chasing my tail with Pinterest)

I would LOVE your feedback. What do you track? Am I tracking the right things to make sure I’m growing each month? I need all the help I can get!

7 thoughts on “Fourth Month Income Report – July 2019

  1. You are doing great mama! I only have one kiddo and I am struggling to get much of anything done because he has become one clingy 12 month old. Trying to get more content up and start making progress on affiliates. That is amazing progress in 4 months lovely, keep at it one small nap time at a time <3

    1. Hannah!! I cannot believe I’ve only just got around to checking out your blog – I feel so bad! We have almost exactly the same story, I can hardly believe it. I’m originally from the UK, met my partner in a remote area and now raising a family, also went the partner visa route. Your “about me” page literally reads like my life story haha
      Don’t worry – that clingy stage will pass, I promise. My daughter was sooooo bad at a year old. She nearly drove me insane, she was walking by 11 months and would follow me everywhere!!

  2. Love following your progress and good for you! Which affiliate programs do you use? A couple of mine have changed around lately and I’m not very happy with them. My blog is “just for fun” but if I can pick up a few bucks here and there it all helps!

    1. Thanks so much Janet! Good affiliate programs are sooooo hard to come by in Australia. We just seem to be so far behind the US and UK in terms of online shopping. I’m originally from the UK and I couldn’t believe when I arrived you didn’t have Amazon, even now it’s not the best! I’ve had a little success with some companies through Commission Factory. I’m still hoping Amazon improves soon, I’m playing the long game at the minute 🙂

  3. You’re on track, I selfhosted my blog last year November and it has been quite a journey. I have 200 users and around 500 Pageviews with 112 articles.
    My focus now is building traffic. Inasfar as affiliate programs, I’m in CJ, and Impact Radius.

    You’re doing great!

  4. Absolutely loving watching you grow! You have encouraged me to really take blogging seriously and to put that self development into action. I’m currently working behind the scenes to learn everything I can and will be launching my blog in September. Look forward to more posts 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Sarah, that’s so kind of you to say! It really is a huge learning curve with all the technical side of things too. Really looking forward to seeing your blog when you launch now – let me know as soon as you’re live 🙂

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