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Fifth Month Income Report – August 2019

What has August taught me? Procrastination is way too easy to slip into!

Don’t get me wrong, I managed to reach some goals BUT it wasn’t through any crazy hard work on my part. Instead I mostly rode the wave of success from the previous months work.

I’m trying not to be too hard on myself. Baby is still only 2 months old after all and our toddlers babysitters have both been away on holidays, so I haven’t had any childcare this month. I definitely wasn’t as productive as I could have been though and I’m worried I may suffer the consequences of it in the coming months!

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out my other income reports to follow my journey from the beginning.

“This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”

General/Background Info

  • Monetisation strategy is solely affiliate income generated by organic traffic. I think it’s important to have a strategy from the beginning so you can be clear on which tasks earn income and which don’t.
  • I spend pretty much zero time promoting anything on social media. For now I’ll keep focusing on organic traffic. I have been thinking more about putting some effort into Facebook as well as build an e-mail list but I need to really sit down and form a plan with those.
  • I thought I may have a bit more time to work on the site now I’m staying at home with the kids…..I was wrong!! If anything I have less time and I would estimate I get 10 hours per week max to work on it.
  • Take a look at my blogging courses and tools articles where I tell you about all the resources I’ve been using to get to where I am now. The number one thing that has helped me rank on page 1 of Google so quickly is the Build Blog Freedom Fast Track course by Sharon Gourlay!

July Goals Review

Take a look at my income report for July which includes my goals for the month.

  1. Traffic – 5000 users, 6500 page views – YES!
  2. Link building – 15 published to affiliate articles – NOT QUITE!
  3. Affiliate articles – 2 new and all current optimised – NO!!
  4. Income – $500 – YES!!!!

So I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I hit my traffic and income goals this month. I honestly though I’d aimed too high and I wouldn’t get there but, obviously, I need to think a little more highly of myself!

Traffic (Goal 5000 Users, 6500 Page Views)

Users: 5107 (+2293)

Page Views: 7776 (+3619)

I’m very happy with how my traffic is progressing. I came very close to doubling my users this month.

I was really surprised to see how high my page views were in August. I assumed, because my traffic is organic and coming to a specific buying guide, that people would find the information they need and then just move on.

In September I’d like to spend some more time on my internal linking structure to help people click around even more.

I’m still seeing an upward trend, there are peaks and troughs but overall I’m still increasing week by week.

Here’s a weekly view since the site was launched in April.

Link Building (Goal 15 to affiliate posts)

Links Published This Month: 18

Although I no longer track my DA here, it’s still important to keep link building. DA isn’t a score used by Google in any way but brands do still look at it for sponsorships a lot of the time so I don’t want to drop it completely.

18 links published overall is great and I’m happy with that but I only got 10 of those to affiliate focused posts with the rest to my homepage.

I’m still pretty happy though, I knew this one was going to be a stretch. I definitely feel like I’m seeing the benefits of being very strategic with my link building.

Links last month came from various different places. A couple of comment links, quite a few link swaps and then a few collaborative posts. I haven’t done guest posts for months now but I’m considering doing one or two more soon to really get some high quality inks in the mix.

Affiliate Articles (Goal 2)

Affiliate Articles This Month: 0

Turns out what I thought was going to be my easiest goal was actually my biggest failure! I did publish shorter, filler type articles but none of my in-depth affiliate focused ones.

I’m not sure if it’s simple procrastination, adding another baby to the mix or other things I’ve had going on this month but I suddenly don’t seem to have as much “get up and go”. I’m trying to reset come at September with a clear head and fresh start.

All of my affiliate articles are ranking really well in Google. I track my keywords in Keysearch and I’ve got 3 ranked in the number one spot, another two within the top 10 and most of the rest aren’t too far behind.

Income (Goal $500)

Affiliate Sales: $548.30

I didn’t think I was going to quite make this and then a couple extra sales at the end of the month just pushed me over the $500 mark!

I put all this down to all that hard work in the first 3 months. It’s my first 3 or 4 articles that are ranking well and bringing in the money. Hopefully as the other articles age I’ll keep seeing the figures increase.

The most important thing I learnt this month was how finding the right particular affiliate for an article really makes a difference! I put a lot of time in researching different affiliate options with higher commission rates. I found one particular product which is much more lucrative than Amazon.

So, if you take nothing else away from this report at least remember that diversifying and finding other affiliate options is a great idea! Without that one change my income would only have been about a third of what it is!


I did also upgrade my hosting with Siteground this month but only so I could host some other domains I’ve bought so I won’t put that expense here.


Income: $548.30

Expenditure: $17.70

August 2019 Profit: $530.60

I more than doubled my profit this month which is insane. I know it’s small compared to some bloggers and I did believe I’d make money bogging but it still seems strange.

It’s exactly what i needed to see and has made me realise I’m building a legitimate business. As a result I’ve sat down and really tried to plan out the next few years and how I want to build on these foundations. I’m excited!

It’s also been great for getting my partner on board. He’s always been supportive and i’m lucky he understands that it’s a slow process, having owned a few businesses himself. But now I think he really understands the huge impact this could have on our family and the freedom it could give us.

September Goals

Here’s a quick breakdown of the goals I’ve set myself for September.

  1. Traffic – 7500 users
  2. Affiliate articles – 4
  3. Income – $750

I desperately need to focus on creating affiliate articles this month if I want to continue seeing growth throughout the year. I’m going to try and work solely on researching and producing more affiliate articles – wish me luck!!

Thank God my child minders are both back from their holidays so I now have 2 days a week toddler free! The newborn is a dream at the minute and sleeps like a champ so fingers crossed that continues!

What are your blogging goals for September? Let me know in the comments – I would LOVE some accountability partners!

6 thoughts on “Fifth Month Income Report – August 2019

  1. What you have done Sophie Marie, while expecting, having young children let alone trying to build a business is very commendable do not be so hard on yourself. I would not have taken that one goal not being done as a failure just a little set back.

    Over the past few months everything I was trying to get any work done, one of my Nephews kept interrupting me every few minutes. I did procrastinate what could have done, was wait until he was in bed and got up a few hours earlier and started my day.

    Now maybe that really could be classified as failure. Trying to work while having children that have ADHD around you is very trying when the are looking constant attention all the time. Though I did get some headway just not really enough.

  2. I’m amazed at how much you get done with one toddler, let alone a toddler AND a two month old!

    Smashing it Sophie, really enjoying reading your income reports and blogging advice.

  3. As a newbie this was so great to see that it is possible to make money blogging when you focus and go after your goals. I have actually been blogging for 6 months and have not had as much success with organic traffic but I was working two regular jobs and struggling to get regular content out. I am down to one regular full-time job so I am ready to buckle down and make this work. I look forward to following your journey. Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Very interesting stuff. Extremely helpful for someone like me who has just started about six weeks ago. I appreciate the detail regarding how you generated the income. How did you get started with affiliate programs?

  5. You had such a rapid takeoff – well done! I’d love to see an update after the dilly season. You affiliate sales must have gone into orbit!

    1. Hey Silvia!! I keep meaning to do an update and think I will soon now that 2019 is over. Monthly reports just became too hard for me with 2 kids as well! I saw HUGE growth in November and December so I’m really excited to share with everyone!

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