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Ultimate Guide: Best Blogging Courses and Tools I Used in my First 6 Months!

I took 6 blogging courses in my first 6 months trying to figure all this out! Pretty huge when I only do this part time. Some of the courses were extremely beneficial and some…..not so much!

One course in particular, I agonised over wether or not to buy for weeks. I do not like to part with my hard earned cash and it was more than I would have liked to spend. BUT after a few weeks of implementing the course I just wish I’d gone for it sooner!

If you’re serious about making money blogging, you need to view it as a business and there are very few businesses that make money in the infant stages. Blogging is a great way to make money from home as a Mum.

Thinking of my blog as a business means I have to be willing to put my money where my mouth is sometimes which was a hard lesson for me to learn. Now, when I look back, I feel ridiculous for thinking I could ever build a profitable business without investing in myself first.

After all, would you try your hand at being a lawyer or a physiotherapist without having the qualifications first?!


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Quick Reference List – Best Blogging Tools

Hosting – Siteground!! I switched recently and have seen a huge jump in my site speed, before them I tried Bluehost (terrible customer service) and Hostgator (slloowww)

Keyword Research – Keysearch!! So much functionality and I promise to do a full article on this one tool in the future.

Graphic Creation – Canva!! Totally amazing for a completely free tool.

Planning – Suzi’s Year blog plan! A completely free downloadable PDF to plan your entire year as a blogger!

Stock Photography – Pexels! Another completely free resource that has thousands of handy stock photography. Once you are a little more established though, I would highly recommend Ivory Mix which is a paid subscription.

The Best Course for Setting up a Blog

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Best to start at the very beginning…, domain names, wordpress, plugins…yep I didn’t have a clue at first either!

If you are looking for a step by step course where you can literally click along at the same time as a successful blogger to create a professional looking site in a matter of hours…..Suzi at Start a Mom Blog is the way to go!!

Her incredible course “Blog By Number” is super affordable and insanely easy to follow along. She shows you exactly what to click and how to get a blog up and running. Then she goes further into detail on other subjects like writing, keywords etc to give you a good basic knowledge of all the main concepts.

I was wasting hours and hours trying to figure out hosting and WordPress and everything else before I stumbled on her course. Once I made a start, I had a professional looking blog up the very same day – job done!!

Best Course for Mastering SEO & Affiliates


That one course I agonised over spending money on? Well, that one course got me ranking on page one for two of my affiliate focused articles for their main keywords (and some extra keywords to boot) in JUST 2 MONTHS!!

I couldn’t believe it! I’d heard so much about how I would be relegated to the Google sandbox for at least 4 to 6 months and not to expect any form of organic google traffic until at least then. I could not recommend the “Build Blog Freedom Fast Track course more and it’s easily the best investment I’ve made on my blogging journey!

It’s a 10 week course which gives you super in depth knowledge into SEO and affiliate marketing and how to grow your organic traffic to your blog in the right way to earn an income from it.

This is the key here “earn an income” there are so many SEO and affiliate marketing courses out there that don’t target the RIGHT traffic! Sharon’s course shows you how to get people who are already thinking of buying to your site. this course has basically shaped my entire outlook on blogging and was the reason I completely changed direction early on.

Thanks to Sharon and Build Blog Freedom I started making my first few dollars in my second month with hardly any traffic and in my third month made a bit more again with beginner traffic levels and I just keep seeing that income growing and growing.

As a final note – when I looked into other SEO and affiliate courses a lot of the top-rated ones were nearly double the price of this course so I believe I ended up getting a great deal!

Best Pinterest for Bloggers Course


Now, call me crazy but I bought signed up for two Pinterest courses at the same time. One had a pretty hefty price tag and just after signing up to that I then found the amazing “Pinterest Ninja” course from Megan for just $59.99!!! I practically cried myself to sleep that night!

Don’t get me wrong, the expensive course was great but “Pinterest Ninja” had EVERYTHING that course had and heaps more to boot. I couldn’t believe how much money I could have saved myself if I’d just found this sooner. Honestly, I believe Megan could charge waaayy more for such a comprehensive course and she must be a saint for keeping the price so low.

The course is delivered e-book style but there are also video tutorials, a Facebook group, spreadsheets and free resources – PHEW!! that is a lot of content for such a tiny price!

The course walks you through step by step how to set up and optimise a business Pinterest account, how to use keywords to get eyes on your pins, how to design pins, check your analytics and even touches on other subjects like facebook, affiliates and branding!

You might think that there isn’t a lot to Pinterest but you are very wrong. Just like Google, it has an incredibly complex algorithm that requires solid knowledge and strategy and “Pinterest Ninja” gives you all that and more!

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